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Start-Up Interview/Consultation

Before getting started your coach will contact you to talk about your athletic history, experience, training availability, work and family responsibilities, and more.

Goal Planning

You will work with your coach to set appropriate goals for the season.

Individualised Plan

Workout schedules will individually tailored to your needs and athletic goals.

Communication Frequency

This determines how often you can contact your coach regarding workout questions or other matters during coaches work hours which are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 1 - 3pm.

Training Schedules Posted

Workouts will be made available for you to see on a weekly (Elite) or monthly (Standard) basis depending on the coaching level chosen.

Training Schedule Updates

Your coach will make the allotted number of changes to your workout schedule once it has been posted to your calendar.

HR/Power/GPS file review

Your coach will review and analyse your data files on an unlimited (Elite) or monthly (Standard) basis or and provide feedback and suggestions as needed.

Fitness Testing (CSS, FTP and LT)

An FTP test on the bike as well as a run test will be required to determine power and lactate threshold values. A CSS test will be done for swimming.

One-on-One Coaching

(Elite) athletes have the option of a 1 hour session either swimming, cycling or running with your coach once per month as per coaches availability. If coach is unavailable video analysis will be done. Sessions will not be carried over to the next month.

Terms and Conditions

6 month minimum sign - up/12 months recommended for best results

Programmes will commence on receipt of payment.

One month notice contract cancellation.

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