1 year ago I started out with Lynette as my coach and today I cannot think of anyone else for that position - Tough, Persistent and Dedicated – that is Lynette.  She doesn’t just coach you; she gets involved in every aspect of your training – developing you from the ground up to become the athlete you’ve only dreamt of! She is a must for any triathlete who is ready for the next level! - Christiaan Supra


Having never completed a triathlon before, I thought it sounded like a great idea and in late 2014 I entered Ironman Switzerland 2015. With no prior experience I quickly realized I would need some help and I joined Lynette. I have now been training with Lynette for the past 18 months and found the assistance and support to be invaluable. Having heard people's experiences with other coaches I realize how much more Lynette puts in with her athletes. I travel frequently and Lynette has been extremely accommodating in adapting my training to suit my time. I have really enjoyed the track sessions and group rides that provide that additional motivation which so many of us need. Aside from the triathlon coaching Lynette has been great with support on other related areas including gym work and nutrition. As with everything in life the more you put in the more you get out, but I would recommend coaching with Lynette for any aspiring triathlete. – Nik Kershaw


I started training with Lynette in Feb 2015. In the past year my performance has improved dramatically. I managed to improve my Ironman 70.3 times by at least 40 minutes and have had a few podium finishes at various races, Olympic and half distances. I have found that working with Lynette not only helps with having a really well thought out, achievable program but also all the extra information she regularly shares with her athletes about training, nutrition, recovering from injury, etc. Lynette is now holding my hand, so to speak, on my way to complete my first ironman in June 2016, something I never conceptualized ever attempting. I would recommend Lynette as a coach, to anybody, from novice to experienced athlete if you want to achieve and be the very best that you can. - Debbi Talmage


"Lynette has changed the way I train. In the time I have had her as a coach I have increased my speed in all aspects of triathlon. With her help I’ve stayed injury free and I have set several PRs, I am thankful that she is my coach and I can highly recommend her” - David Truter


Lynette became my coach four years ago when I first started doing triathlons.  Coming out of Comrades I thought I was invincible.  The fact that I couldn’t ride a bike and could barely swim was no obstacles to me or Lynette.  She coached me from scratch to my first sprint, Olympic and ultra-triathlons. She’s been there when I’ve successfully finished races and when I haven’t.  No matter what my goal is, she gives me support, guidance, butt-kicking and a program every step of the way. Love my coach! – Sally Allen


"A while ago I set out to do ironman, never having done a triathlon. Lynette was instrumental in achieving the goal, through a multidimensional approach, cutting edge techniques and general all round coaching. Tx coach! " - Alan Chown

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